Customisable Tax Services

At Solid Partners, we offer a range of taxation services to suit your needs. Our team are Chartered Accountants and certified by the Tax Practitioners Board. This means we can handle simple tax returns right through to even the most complex tax situations. We know tax can be complicated and overwhelming. That is why our accountants and advisors will work closely with you to ensure you submit everything correctly to get the largest return possible.

Solid Partners Accountants and Advisors go though all aspects of your taxation to get the best picture of what we can do to help. We work to get you a quickly processed refund. We can advise you if you owe any tax, when it is due and arrange a repayment arrangement if you need it.

Our service means you get longer to lodge your tax return past deadline. If you are late with a few tax returns, we have that covered here too. We teach you best practices to allowing you to get more out of it in future years.

Get started with Solid Partners Accountants and Advisors

Tax time that is not taxing!

  • Solid Partners Accountants and Advisors can check on a previous tax years and will advise if something can be done.
  • We help you to plan for your tax appointment to optimise your time.
  • Take a holistic approach to your financial life and for overall financial well being.
  • Encourage and explore all avenues open to you to minimise your tax in the future and we are supportive of creating wealth for you.
  • We offer both face to face or online appointments for our clients at times that suits.
  • We can spend time with you to properly understand your tax return simply.
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Your not alone anymore

We Are Your Tax Partners

Being our client means you can ask questions throughout the year on your tax or financial matters if you need some assistance.

We can defend you in an ATO audit or try to have penalties and fines waived on your behalf.

Looking for a review on how to pay less tax and create more wealth. Then you need our financial xray.

Solid Partners Accountants and Advisors believe your tax return should not stay the same over many years, we encourage you to continue to grow your income. We can suggest other streams of income that might be achievable.

All aspects of your tax planning

Superannuation & Self-Managed Superfunds

Solid Partners Accountants and Advisors are self-managed superfund specialists. We can guide you into deciding whether self-managed super funds are for you, to see if you can use your money for a better purpose. We can help you to obtain better returns, investment flexibility and diversity, increased wealth and improve your long term tax position. We are the experts if you own property as a rental property owner or wish to create wealth through property.  Schedule an appointment with one of your advisors today.

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